Racing Thoroughbreds – Outranking The Rest

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All horses love to run, but when it comes to racing for sport, racing thoroughbreds outrank the rest. This is a sport with a long history in different parts of the world but the sport as it is today originated in Britain. As the gamblers took to the sport, the competition and standards became fiercely competitive, with the breeding of racehorses becoming an essential aspect. A winning thoroughbred can be worth millions for its winning genes rather than its actual wins!

The Most Famous Racing Thoroughbred In Britain – Frankel

One such thoroughbred that outranks the rest is Frankel. Considered as the best racing thoroughbred to compete in the sport. He went undefeated in his 14-race career earning millions from spectacular tournament wins. His speed and power were so formidable in all his races that every breeder wanted to sire a bloodline emulating his qualities. As per the World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings, he holds the record for their highest ever rating for any racehorse.