Grand National - Unlikely Winners

Learn more about the world of horse racing: Experience all the drama and excitement of famous racehorses and unlikely winners like Tipperary Tim.

Famous Racehorses

Horse racing has quickly climbed the ranks of spectator sports across the United Kingdom. Here are some notable racehorses in the sport through time.

Secretariat racing at Belmont stakes

Secretariat won five eclipse awards in his career, including Horse of the Year. His unusually large heart gave him his power and stamina.

Shergar -blog

There are many famous horses, but one that stands out is Shergar. The magnificent thoroughbred who was horse-napped. Read on to learn more.

Tiger Roll

Tiger Roll became a household name after back-to-back Grand National wins, but will he take a third? Let’s take a look at what’s next for the famous racehorse.

thoroughbred - blog

Famous racehorses are winners earning millions in purse wins and stud fees. One of the top earners around the world was British owned Frankel.