Famous Racehorses

The Thoroughbreds Who Have Won The Hearts Of Nations

"When you call upon a Thoroughbred, he gives you all the speed, strength of heart and sinew in him. When you call on a jackass, he kicks"~ Patricia Neal.

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Famous Racehorses

Welcome to famousracehorses.co.uk. Our site is what the address suggests, famous racehorses. But, apart from the greats from the past, we will also look at exciting newcomers to the ranks of these great racehorses. 

Breeding, training, and the horses themselves are the triple components of a great racehorse. But the tracks they race on and the race meets are also important. On our site, we will explore all of these elements. Providing insight into how and why some racehorses are famous and others not. Hopefully, along the way, you will pick up some tips to select your next favourite. 

Famous Racehorses

What Makes Thoroughbred Racehorses So Special?

The sound of hooves thundering down the track is one of the many thrills of watching horse racing. Many famous racehorses, in partnership with their skilled jockeys, have spectacularly crossed finishing lines to the roar of a happy crowd. What makes a racehorse famous and makes them different from the rest? Read on and find out!

As horse racing has been around in Great Britain since 1622, there is, as you can imagine, a long list of names of famous racehorses. Some you may know, some you may not. Our site is about looking at these famous horses, the races they run, and the tracks they run on.

Famous horses do not belong in the past. Every race can produce a spectacular winner and champions in the making. These thoroughbred racehorses are not only a pleasure to watch but also to bet on.

Horse Racing
Famous racehorses galloping to a win

Famous Racehorses Of Tomorrow

At all the horse racing tracks in the UK and internationally, there are horses bred from champions. They are taken through their paces by elite trainers and ridden by top jockeys. All waiting to show you how good they are.

Then there is the outsider, the one that beats the odds and introduces to the world another champion. History is also full of them. 2020 brought us yet another name, Nando Parrado. This 150:1 outsider blasted his way onto the famous racehorses list with his win at Royal Ascot—the biggest priced winner of the meeting.

What To Look For In A Racehorse

Most famous horses have several things in common, and once these key facts are known, you can use them to try and select the next potential champion that will become a celebrity. Pedigree is important, so remember to look at both the sire and the dam’s history. Bone structure and muscle tone are also important.

A calm horse is preferable to a skittish one, especially one that displays an overall athletic ‘look’ and has bright, alert eyes. Wide nostrils and a wide jaw allow for better passage of oxygen to the horse’s lungs, ensuring the horse keeps in top form. Keep browsing the site for more in-depth information.

Famous Racehorses
famous racehorses

Flat Or National Hunt Racing?

There is a long list of famous racehorses that have earned their accolades either in flat races or over jumps. Some even do both! So what is the difference in the races? Flat races tend to take place over shorter lengths, generally from 5 furloughs, or around 1,000 metres, to 2 miles, or 3,200 metres.

Jumps, or National Hunt racing, takes place over longer distances than the flat races. Plus, the horses are from three years old, in contrast to the two-year-olds taking part in the flat races. One of the most famous racehorses for flat racing is Frankel, unbeaten in 14 races. Red Rum, another very popular jumper won the Grand National three times, earning his place among the greats.

Our 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Not an easy question to answer as everybody has their own list of favourites. Check out our blogs to know more about the famous racehorses on our wall of fame and soon you will have your own top 10!
Famous racehorses make their names at big meets, and they don’t get much bigger than the Grand National at Aintree. This action-packed race often called the housewife’s favourite runs in April.
The exact figure is not known. The Queen’s passion started in 1945 and since inheriting King George’s stables, she has shown skill in breeding and training. Currently, she has 25 horses in training.