Secretariat: the greatest racehorse in history

Secretariat racing at Belmont stakes

Secretariat was the fastest racehorse in history. He became the first Triple Crown winner since 1948 when he raced at the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont stakes, breaking a 25 year drought. He is greatly recognized for having placed that record which still stands today. He won by 31 lengths. He has won 5 eclipse awards in his career, including Horse of the Year honors at ages two and three. They even made a film about him called Secretariat.

Secretariat: a thoroughbred with a difference

Secretariat not only had the breeding to be a great racehorse but he had something unique and powerful about him. His heart was more than twice the size of an average racehorse. Dr. Thomas Swerczek discovered just how big Secretariat’s heart was when he performed a necropsy. Secretariat’s hearts was estimated to be a whopping 22 pounds. The power of it prompted Audi to use it in a commercial. “The all-new, 354 hp Audi S5 Sportback is here,” the commercial says. “Progress is powered from within.”