When Was Shergar Kidnapped?

Beautiful Shergar in 1981

In February 1983, the infamous Shergar Horse was kidnapped and held for ransom. He was then killed brutally by his captors who have to this day never been identified. It remains an unexplained Irish crime mystery that is unsolved and still intrigues people the world over.

Shergar – The Unique Gentle Giant

Shergar was the most valuable racehorse in the world, winning the 1981 Epsom Derby by the longest winning margin ever of ten lengths. The distinctive stallion had four white socks, a white blaze and a racing-style which included running with his tongue out. He was renowned for his gentle and calm personality. Shergar was only five years old when the kidnappers struck, snatching him in darkness from the Ballymany Stud.

In the middle of the night, more than six men wearing balaclavas and wielding guns broke into the stud. One of them is quoted as saying “We have come for Shergar. We want $3 million for him.” Shergar was loaded into a horsebox and disappeared. The next day, using phrases in code, the kidnappers began negotiations with Shergar’s owner, the Aga Khan.

Shergar – An Unsolved Mystery

Unfortunately, the men didn’t reach an agreement, and a few days later, a phone call was received saying “The horse has had an accident. He’s dead.” Despite his distinctive markings and a huge search, Shergar’s body was never found. Although there was suspected involvement from the IRA, they never officially claimed responsibility. The disappearance of this beloved horse is still steeped in mystery. When was Shergar kidnapped? Well, now you know!