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Online Betting: Not Just A Pastime

If you’re serious about online betting, you’ll want to shop around for the best odds, offers, and features. With extra places and different returns on each-way bets, it isn’t always just as simple as checking the odds. There are so many online betting sites it can be hard to choose the one that suits you. Read on to find out how to choose the best… Read moreOnline Betting: Not Just A Pastime

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Famous Racehorse Movies

If you are a horse racing buff, here are some famous racehorse movies you can check out to see how some of the greats made it to the top.

The Mystery Of Hair Loss (Alopecia) In Horses

Yes, even racehorses can suffer from hair loss! It’s a very common condition that is always cause for concern but can simply be due to the horse rubbing an area of irritation. The wonderful shine you see in a horse’s coat is a sure sign of inner health. Occasionally, there can be minor nicks that spoil the perfection, but when areas of a horse’s hair… Read moreThe Mystery Of Hair Loss (Alopecia) In Horses

Silver Patriarch sporting image

Silver Patriarch – The Silver Lining On Every Racetrack

Every once in a while, a horse will come along and exhibit both talent and tenacity on the racing track. Silver Patriarch is one such horse, who dominated the 1997 St Leger by emerging victorious. This horse was foaled in Ireland, where he competed for most of his life. Patrick James John Eddery, popularly known as Pat Eddery, an Irish flat racing jockey and horse… Read moreSilver Patriarch – The Silver Lining On Every Racetrack

Beautiful Shergar in 1981

When Was Shergar Kidnapped?

When was Shergar kidnapped? His kidnapping and murder remain an unsolved mystery to this day – find out everything about this much-loved stallion.

Famous Racehorses

Famous Racehorses

Horse racing has quickly climbed the ranks of spectator sports across the United Kingdom. Here are some notable racehorses in the sport through time.