Racehorse Trainers

An image of a racehorse trainer

Do you have a horse that needs training? Then, you’re going to need a horse trainer who will tend to your horse’s needs. From training horses for horse racing tracks to caring for their health, racehorse trainers are crucial to your horse’s development and behaviour. Here are some essential things to know when looking for a trainer.

Responsibilities Of A Horse Trainer

A racehorse trainer is responsible for the horse’s health, making sure the horse is fit and healthy before competing in a race. To prepare for a race, horse trainers also make sure they get the right gear compatible with the horse. Overall, the diet, exercise, and discipline of the horse are taken care of.

When it comes to training, a horse trainer is responsible for equestrianism discipline. The horse is trained to jump, rodeo, race, and several other essential racing skills. Aside from horse care, they are also obligated to create a training plan for the horse and communicate with the horse owner regarding the horse’s status.

Essential Skills Needed For Horse Trainers

Racehorse trainers should be equipped with essential horse handling skills – from basic horse care to treatments and riding. An expert in the equine industry should be comfortable in working and interacting with horses and the owner. Moreover, they should be experts in grooming practises including hoof picking, brushing, and trimming. On top of that, they should have a keen eye on observing behavioural signals, whether a horse is showing aggression, fear, or submission. Most importantly, basic riding and training skills are a must.